STAFF LIST 2017-18

School Management 


Assistant Headteacher / Curriculum
Assistant Headteacher / Inclusion
Finance Manager
HR and IT Manager

Head of Lower School
Head of Middle School
Head of Upper School

Miss Jill Talbot

Miss Hayley Collins
Mrs Sarah Stein
Mrs Claire Williams
Mrs Susan Dinley

Mrs Jane Christopher
Miss Emily Walker
Mrs Lisa Crowfoot

Lower School Classes


Reception – Hedgehogs and Rabbits

Reception – Moles and Badgers

Mrs Jane Christopher-Head of Lower School

Miss Lauren Chambers

Year 1 – Foxes

Year 1  – Otters

Miss Becky Johns

Miss Laura Coveney

Middle School Classes


Year 2 – Ladybirds

Year 2  – Butterflies

Mrs Kerry Clark/Miss Rosy Almond

Mrs Charlotte Fagg

Year 3 – Bumble Bees

Year 3 – Dragonflies

Miss Grace Davies

Miss Emily Walker-Head of Middle School

Upper School Classes


Year 4 – Kingfishers

Year 4 – Nightingales

Mrs Jude Kelleher

Mrs Lisa Crowfoot-Head of Upper School

Year 5 – Magpies

Year 5 – Cuckoos

Miss Lizzie Mills

Mrs Lindsey Tinker/ Mrs Lisa Collins

Year 6 – Eagles

Year 6 – Falcons

Miss Nicola Moss

Mrs Saskia Pemberton (Mon- Thurs) and Mrs Gillian Norman(Friday)

PPA Cover

Mrs Anne McGoldrick

Miss Lisa King

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Angela Ades
Mrs Julie Atkins
Mrs Carol Brooker
Mrs Emily Clark                                   
Miss Lucie Clark
Mrs Penny Coles
Mrs Sam Ellis
Miss Molly Holt
Mrs Clare McPhee

Mrs Christine Mechie
Miss Connie Moore
Mrs Heidi Pullen
Mrs Phoebe Spriggs
Miss Hollie Stanton
Mrs Loretta Sutherland
Mrs Nicola Town
Mrs Caroline Rigden (Speech & Language)
Mrs Claire Stanton (Sounds Write)

Supply Teachers
Mrs Ann Barrett
Mr Mark Daisey
Mrs Nusy Shawe
Mr Robin Wise

Family Liaison Officer:
Mrs Tracey Jones

Office Staff:
Mrs Hita Kelleher (Senior Office Administrator/Educational Visits Coordinator)

Mrs Gemma Smith (Office Administrator – Admissions and Attendance)

IT and Administrative Assistant
Mrs Michelle Taylor

Mr Stuart Lund

School Kitchen Team
Mrs Kay Smith
Mrs Samantha Lund
Miss Dawn Barnett

Mid Day Meal Supervisors
Mrs Pauline Bailey
Ms Beverley Heselden
Mrs Lesley King
Ms Deborah Lancaster
Mrs Dianne Smith
Mrs Sharon Reed
Mrs Keri Humphrey
Miss Kerrie Cosier
Miss Kate Mason

Cleaning Staff
Mrs Pauline Bailey
Mrs Lesley King
Mrs Edna Seamons

Road Crossing Patrol Staff/Gate Guardians
Mrs Keri Humphrey
Mrs Julie Williams
Mr Stuart Lund