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Our School Council is made up of four children in each year (from Years 2 -6) who are elected by the children in their class.  The School Council meet each month with Miss Talbot to discuss how we can improve our school.

Every year our School Council is involved in many projects.  Some of our successes have included included: 

·Running  Anti-Bullying Week  competitions
· Helping to organise play equipment on the playground and meeting with the lunchtime staff
· Carrying out  surveys and questionnaires about different aspects of school life e.g. cycling and bullying
· Changing breaktime snacks
· Finding out what large climbing equipment children want
· Arranging E Twinning Boxes for our link school in Germany
· Setting up Chatterbox boxes
· Choosing topics for Creative Homework
· Asking children how we can make our school healthier
· Meeting with the local Council to consult about the Springwood Drive play park
· Naming the new classrooms and deciding on new names for the 4 Houses.

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