Friday 1oth June

Where has this week gone?  None of us could believe that today was our last day!  Final packing and stripping of beds – all done ready for our final two activities:

Orienteering & Logs, Planks and Swamp Skis.

So what did the children think of their stay?

“I loved everything!” – Olivia

“Really good.” – Jack

“Swattenden helped me get out of my comfort zone, thank you.” – Dylan

“The low adventure activity was hardcore!” – Johnny

“I really enjoyed myself; Swattenden was the perfect residential!” – Lilly

“Swattenden is great, it’s fun with a variety of activities. 10/10. Thanks Swattenden” – Mackenzie


“The staff are the most funny.” – Josh

“My favourite instructor is Carl!” – Joe

” I loved everything!  I enjoyed all the activities.  The staff were nice and funny!!!” – Ella

“I loved Swattenden, best residential I’ve been on and all the instructors are amazing!” – Maddie

“I loved Swattenden because all of the staff were amazing and kind.” – Sasha

“Swattenden is AWESOME, it couldn’t have been better!” – Kitty

“I loved Swattenden because all the instructors were friendly and funny, and I felt safe in the activities.  Also, the food was really tasty and the bedrooms were big.” – Erin

“Every activity was enjoyable and fun, even the staff seemed to enjoy teaching us.” – Erica

“I loved Swattenden because the activities were fun and the staff were really kind.” – Luke

“Swattenden is great.  I love the range of activities, it’s amazing!” – Jake