Kingswood Residential Trip 2018

Tuesday 27th – Thursday 29th March

Tuesday 27th March

57 very excited children (and 6 even more excited adults) arrived at Kingswood this afternoon.

So far we have done either aerial runway or 3G Swing, although the biggest challenge for most was putting a duvet cover on a duvet!  Teamwork was very much the order of the day from bed-making onwards, as we ended the day with Scrapheap Challenge – building a protective case to save our water bombs from a 12ft drop! Sadly only one survived!

Now if only they would go to sleep – 23:24 and counting….

Wednesday 28th March

What a day we’ve had!  We were up at 6:45 – that’ll teach them to stay up chatting until 2:50am! – luckily a hearty breakfast gave us the energy for our the busy day ahead.  We started our first activity at 9:30am and finished our last one at 9:00pm!

By the end of the day we had all completed (or at least attempted) 3G-Swing, Aerial Runway, Abseiling, Problem Solving, Laser Tag, Obstacle Challenge and still had time (and energy left) for a disco!

Unsurprisingly, there were no complaints at light outs – and they were all asleep by 23:00!