Hardelot – In the children’s own words . . .

On our last night in France the children were able to write comments in

The Hardelot Centre’s visitors book:

“I loved the football and the Ping-Pong.”

“It was a great week, I really enjoyed it.”

“I love this place!!!!!!!!!!”

“I had a great time as the staff are kind, the facilities are great and the things we’ve done were fun.”

“I have loved Hardelot.  It was epic and I wish I could stay!”

“It was absolutely awesome.  I performed my best concert ever.”

“It was the best place ever!  I couldn’t think of anything better.”

“Thank you for a lovely time here.  I enjoyed it all, thank you!  I love this place.”

“I think this was so fun.  The meals were great and everything was a amazing.”

“Loved this trip, it was awesome!”

“I loved it here because you can practise your sport still, like table-tennis, pool and many more.”

“I love it here!!!”

“It is amazing and I would really like to come again!!  Thank you.”

“The food was great!”

“I liked the food.” 

Throughout the four days our pupils were positive, friendly and helpful. 

Both out-and-about and at the centre they were always well-behaved and polite to everyone that we encountered. 

They tried hard to use some of the French words that they had learnt, as well as sampling French cuisine.

The staff that accompanied the trip were proud of our children, we felt that they represented both their school and their country well.