Hardelot – A picture says a thousand words!


Today we visited ‘La Ferme Aux Escargots’ – a real snail farm, we had a short talk about the farm, followed by a guided tour and then a tasting session!

PTDC0107 PTDC0108 PTDC0115
ViviLnk PTDC0131 PTDC0109

See if you can work out what we thought from our pictures!


PTDC0052 PTDC0054 PTDC0063
PTDC0061 PTDC0056 PTDC0057
PTDC0060 PTDC0068 PTDC0059
PTDC0125 PTDC0120 PTDC0119
PTDC0126 PTDC0062  PTDC0122

And now for the tasting . . . .


PTDC0155 PTDC0154 PTDC0146
PTDC0145 PTDC0144 PTDC0142
PTDC0141 PTDC0140 PTDC0138
PTDC0136 PTDC0134 PTDC0078
PTDC0073 PTDC0070  PTDC0072
PTDC0086 PTDC0081  PTDC0083

Picnic by the River at Beussent.


PTDC0097 PTDC0096 PTDC0098
 PTDC0094  PTDC0093  PTDC0091

This afternoon was much more tasty than this morning.

We visited ‘Chocolaterie de Beussent’ – a chocolate factory, we had explanations and demonstrations of the various production techniques and learnt a little about the history of cocoa.

Finally, some tasting we could all sink our teeth into!

PTDC0163 PTDC0162 PTDC0165
 PTDC0166  PTDC0164  PTDC0174
PTDC0171 PTDC0172 ViviLnk
 PTDC0176  PTDC0178  PTDC0184
PTDC0181 PTDC0179 PTDC0118 (2)

Just when we thought our taste buds could relax – we had some traditional starters for our evening meal:

Snails, Frogs legs and cheese tart.

PTDC0120 (2) PTDC0119 (2) PTDC0121 (2)
PTDC0132 PTDC0129 PTDC0128 (2)
PTDC0127 PTDC0137 (2) PTDC0126 (2)

Fortunately this was followed by “boeuf bourguignon et mousse au chocolat”.

Some of us got letters from home today, which we received after dinner.  We then had an impromptu performance and played party games, before packing our bags ready to leave in the morning.  None of us can believe that it’s nearly time to go home already – where have the last three days gone?

PTDC0138 (2) PTDC0140 (2) PTDC0141 (2)
 PTDC0151 PTDC0157 PTDC0186