P.E. and Sports Premium

In 2013, the government introduced additional funding for primary schools for the provision of PE and sport activities.
Each academic year we receive this funding to make additional and sustainable improvements to the quality of PE and
sport that we offer to pupils – to encourage the development of healthy, active lifestyles. 

We must use the premium to:

  • Develop or add to the PE and Sport activities that we already offer
  • Make improvements now that will benefit pupils joining the school in future years

So far, we have benefited from the following funding:

  • 2016/17 – £9785.00
  • 2015/16 – £9795.00
  • 2014/15 – £9795.00
  • 2013/14 – £9810.00


The amount of premium received:

The allocation of PE and sports premium for this financial year 2016/17 is £9785.

How we plan to spend it:

  • £2300 will be spent on specialist sports coaches who will visit the school to teach our children. The activities selected will be those which some of our own teachers feel less confident in teaching. Those teachers who do feel that they aren’t as skilled as they wish to be in teaching certain sport will work alongside the coaches, as they deliver the lessons. Doing this will allow them to learn and become more skilled and confident at delivering these activities.
  • A further £500 will be spent on employing coaches to deliver training to the teachers during staff meeting time, in certain key areas of the PE curriculum.
  • Our own PE co-ordinator will be freed from class in order to review the PE curriculum that we currently deliver, and to identify how we might change and improve this. She will also draw up an assessment procedure to accompany the new curriculum. The assessment procedure will allow us to track the progress of the children as they move through the school. The costs for covering her class for three days whilst she does this will be £600.
  • £600 is our participation fee for the activities offered to us as part of the Kent School Games. Our aim is to send teams to the majority of competitions offered.
  • £1300 will be spent on two sets of netball court lines in thermoplastic to enable us to hold a national tournament in this current year and future years, the entry fee for our teams to compete in the netball and High 5 leagues, and more netball resources  
  • £250 is the fee for our teams to complete in the cross country events.
  • £600 will be spent releasing teachers to take teams to these events.
  • £500 will be spent on new kit and tracksuits for our teams to wear at these events.
  • The school is applying for a grant from the Football Association to pay for the construction of a MUGA on the field. If successful, the MUGA would allow a greater range of activities to be completed throughout the winter. The playground is not an ideal surface for activities such as hockey, rugby, football etc, particularly when wet, and outdoor PE activiites often have to be cancelled when the playground is wet and slippery. The MUGA would provide a safe, flat surface on which these activities could be played throughout the winter. It would also provide a similarly improved playing surface for these activities when run as extra-curricular clubs, as well as providing an all year training facility for community users such as Ashford Angels. £1600 has been ring-fenced as a school contribution to this project. This money will be spent only if the bid is successful. If the bid is unsuccessful, the money will be retained by the school and reallocated to support PE provision in another way.
  • £1500 will be spent on mini soccer goals which will be used predominantly by our school football team who practice each week during an afterschool club.
  • £1600 will be spent on PE resources suitable for the different age and ability ranges of our pupils.
  • Impact on pupils’ participation:
  • Our children will participate in a curriculum which is broad and which provides for maximum skill development over the course of their primary school life.
  • The use of specialist coaches will provide our children with high quality teaching whilst the school’s own teachers become even more adept at delivering a range of PE activities.
  • An increasing number of the children will have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of competitive sports activities.
  • The provision of a MUGA will allow the PE curriculum to be delivered more regularly across the winter months, and provide a safer environment for doing so and a better surface for skill development.
  • How improvements are sustainable:
  • Teachers will be improving their skills in teaching PE.
  • Children will be motivated by competition to want to take part in more sports.
  • Facilities allow PE teaching to be delivered more regularly throughout the year and hence children are able to participate in a greater number of PE lessons throughout the year, with the immediate associated health benefits, and also the possibility of ingraining physical activity more successfully within their personality.



The continuation of the local sport network and netball league membership has been purchased.   We bought new hockey equipment. The continued training of our staff, to improve their knowledge of how to deliver PE and sport activities to enable our pupils to  develop their skills and knowledge.

This money has also allowed us to regularly release staff in order to accompany children to a wider variety of competitive events, allowing greater links to be developed between the curriculum and after school clubs/events.


We continued to buy into the local sport network.  We purchased more resources to aid both the teaching and encourage greater uptake of sport amongst our pupils.  Our membership with the Ashford Netball Youth League was renewed.  We took part in an Athletics tournament and contributed towards a tennis coach.  Further training and coaching sessions were provided to our staff.


We bought into a local sport network, ‘The School Games Support Package’, which enabled us entry into different sport competitions.

We purchased 2 pairs of netball posts and joined the Ashford Netball Youth League.  We replaced our agility gym mats along with a new trolley to store them appropriately.  A number of our staff received training on how to teach sport more effectively; this practice was then shared with other members of the team.  Tim Pendergast spent the day with us; he gave an inspiring talk to our pupils and worked with our teachers.